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Sarjan Charity Events - 2020

Sarjan Charity Events - 2020

This was the toughest year in the history of all of us where the world was hit by Covid19, and we have seen great difficulties due to lockdown in several countries. Our motherland saw a great migration of the people during the lockdown, and which vastly affected the lower income families and especially migrants who were a big workforce of metros. SCF Joined hand with RSS (Rastriya Swayam Sevak Sang to distribute meal kits to the families.

It was massive operation where RSS. worked day and night to collectAnd prepare meal kits for each family. The kits contained Wheat Flour, Oil , Rice, and some basic spices to support the Daily needs of families. There were some occasions where some families due their self-respect where ashamed to que for meal kit collection and the volunteer just placed the meal kits outside their doors in the night time.

With funds from SCF RSS was able to deliver over 9000 meal kits to needy families.


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