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Sarjan's Badminton History

"BADMINTON" A new sport activity was introduced to the Sarjan Group in 2016. The core committee's vision was clear; they hoped to add a sports activity where the maximum amount of members could participate and show involvement in. Besides other sports, Sarjan wanted to introduce a regular sports activity in which females could actively participate and would unite all the members, including females and give them a broader range of options, depending on their preferences. Thus, the badminton committee was formed, initially with 4 Men and 3 Women, with hopes to empower the women in Sarjan. Since then, Badminton has been one of the most preferred sports activity for all of our members. 

Every year more than 80 badminton sessions are held for men & women separately. We hold two sessions per week in two different locations for the convenience of the members. On Monday it is held in Hung Hom and on Wednesday it is in TST/Jordan. Our average turnout for each session is 25 to 40 members which we hope to see increasing over time. 

Two badminton tournaments are held every year. First, is the title sponsored tournament which is usually held between February to April and second is the winter special that is held between October to December. 8-10 teams are created for each tournament which is sponsored by our esteem members. Approximately 110 to 140 members, including men & women, participate in each tournament. 

Sarjan Badminton League (SBL) and Kids Coaching are a few other events that are also offered every year.