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Sarjan's Cricket History

SARJAN GROUP was formed with idea of bringing people together for playing CRICKET, a very well know sport in India which almost everyone has played during their childhood. Cricket has been the core sport of SARJAN GROUP.
A separate cricket committee is made to run the cricketing events.
Initially cricket was played on Sunday’s in morning time at the PKVR ground, Mission Road ground, HKU and Kai Tak ground. But slowly and gradually due to the increase in the league games organised by HKCA (HK cricket association) and also due to the closure of Kai Tak and HKU grounds it got difficult to get ground to play on Sunday’s.
Now a day’s cricket in played on weekdays morning from 7 am to 10 am.
Cricket is played in two parts in Sarjan Group- internal tournaments and competitive tournaments.


These are the tournaments where members play with each other and there is a fix sequence and format for these tournaments which has been going on since the beginning.

  1. Cricket Sixes: Sixes tournament is played on holiday and is generally played in May. Since last few years it is played at KCC ground. Twice it was played in Guangzhou as well. It is a one-day tournament with 8 teams participating in the tournament and around 70 members play this tournament. The winning team and runners up team captain is then promoted to next tournament.
  2. Season Cup: Initially Season Cup was played in the month of August and it used to be 35 over game and best of 3 games tournament. But now it is played during September to November depending on ground availability and it is played in a T20 format. The winning captain then proceeds to the prestigious SARJAN CUP.
  3. Sarjan Cup: Sarjan Cup is like a world cup for the players. It is played with immense intensity from all the players. It is T20 tournament with best of 5 games played in the month of December in the span of 2 weeks.
These are the tournaments where Sarjan Group participates with either one or two teams. Many teams from various clubs participate in these tournaments. Sarjan players have a history of giving good competition and are always leading from front in these tournaments. There are few tournaments which are being played since many years like KCC Morning League, PKVR Morning League, SPL, etc. Sarjan Group have won these tournaments quite a few times.
The records of all the players are maintained on yearly basis by the cricket committee and at the end of the year one player who has the maximum points as per the points systems get the GREEN JACKET for being player of the year.

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