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Sarjan's Volleyball History

Our group initially started with Cricket, but every one wanted to play more sports and for some, cricket was not their game so group introduced Volleyball.

Good response came and Volleyball became a parallel sports to Cricket . Its now one of the core sports activity of the  group. It's the game where the weakest player played together with best player in a team and both had its own share of game . Every session played were challenging, enjoyable and some times hilarious . It gave players something to talk about in a day .

Group have 90 plus  players . Regularly between 20 to 30 sessions are played in a year at different venues like Hung Hom, Kowloon Park & To kwa wan . Hopefully will increase the sessions from 30-40 in near future depending on the Venus availability which is getting more challenging. 

In Sarjan group every year two internal tournaments  are played with formation of 6 to 8 teams . In the past Sarjan group Volleyball teams  has also participated in other external tournaments with other group teams.

In the coming year we  wish more participation , more regular  sessions and more tournaments and make it more enjoyable & memorable.